Food Handler Courses in Canada – Online Helps You Choose The Best Value Food Handler Course

Use the course comparison cart to view all the features, prices and support information from a wide range of providers. Our Best Overall Value course reviewed is on the far left side of the chart.

Use An Approved Provider

All Provincial Health Departments in Canada have requirements for Food Safety Education to be approved in some format. Local health authorities refer to Provincial Approvals to see what courses are approved. Many have websites and approval documents available. Sites with detailed information regarding their approvals and jurisdictional acceptance rated best in our review. makes every attempt to provide current accurate information.

Approved in Your Area

While most courses listed here are approved and accepted in all areas, some providers are not approved in certain provinces. Contact the provider directly or your local governing authority to confirm the validity of the providers certification.

Check Course Access Details Closely

Most course providers offer 30 days course access. Some listed here including the Best Overall Value offers as many as 60 days of access to complete the online learning and exam.

Price Is Important. Tough Economic Times Make It Important To Always Find The Best Overall Value

Of the courses compared here we found a very wide range of prices and features. In the Food Handler Courses in Canada evaluation we found a rare Excellent Overall Value provider that meets all evaluation criteria.

Technical Support Offering

Help with technical and navigation issues before during and after the purchase are important.  Some providers offer full phone, email, and chat support. Many listed only offer email support.  Check our listing and confirm with the provider what they are offering.

Accessibility, Accommodations & Modifications

Online learning offers many options for diverse learners. Choose a online Food Handler Course that is able to meet your learning needs. The ability for course modification, accommodation as well as various formats of exam delivery and exams in multiple languages should be confirmed with the provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Complete An Online Food Handler Course?

Most courses here list course length as between 6 and 8 hours. The user is in control of when they will access the online learning course and in most cases will learn at their own pace. Check the details with the course provider.

Who Needs a Food Handler Certificate?

In Canada almost all Provinces and Territories now have legislation requiring Food Safety certification (or Food Handler certification) for staff.

Recent  surveys report that consumers overwhelmingly expect all staff to have certification. Food Handler Certification is becoming a requirement for all staff in some foodservice organizations.

Food Safety certification is recommended for everyone working in a foodservice operation. 

Do You Need To Renew Or Re-certify?

Yes. The Canadian Food Retail and Foodservices Code states that certification of approved Food Handling courses should be renewed every 5 years. Check with your provider to verify how long the certificate they offer is valid for.

How Much Technical or Computer Knowledge Do I Need?

A basic understanding of computers and website navigation will be sufficient to allow most users to work with the providers listed. Some providers have very simple and easy to use course purchasing and course access features and others have a more complex purchasing process that can lead to confusion.

A few of the providers have courses available in both French and English the Best Overall Value provider also offers courses in 5 other languages and has the final exam available in 20 languages.

Are Food Handler Certification and Food Safety Certification Different?

The terms “Food Safety Certification” and “Food Handler Certification” are both referring to education and examination of an approved “Food Safety” learning curriculum that meets a regulatory requirement for staff and Managers working in a food establishment.

How Do I Complete The Food Handler Certificate Course?

Food handler Certification is completed online or in a classroom setting. Some of the listed providers offer both online and in-class courses. Listed providers have varying delivery methods and access options. Check the listing to view what provider has the Best Overall Value.

The online providers issue certificates as a PDF file that can be downloaded by the user and printed at home. Some providers also email the PDF to the user via e-mail. Some providers have a waiting period before the certification is issued. Some providers will also mail a hard copy of the certificate and wallet cards (this may be at an additional cost).

How Does An Online Food Safety Certification Exam Work?

Each of the listed providers has their own Food Handler Certification exam. Exams are approved by Provincial Health Authorities in Canada and are subject to review.

In most cases exam are completed online and are available on demand. On demand exam are invigilated or proctored to verify the users Government Issued Photo Identification. Some providers require an appointment to be booked for the exam and some require the user to attend an exam centre.

Exams or Final Assessments are most often 50 multiple choice questions. Some of the listed providers have detailed help and support for their online exams. Check the listing to view what provider has the Best Overall Value.

Who Should Take A Food Handler Certification Course?

Food Handler Certification courses can be taken by anyone including high school students, entry level foodservice employees, chefs, cooks, managers, servers and supervisors. In most cases no prerequisite training is required.

Many employers in the foodservice industry require prospective employees to have an approved Food Handler Certification. Check the listing to view what provider has the Best Overall Value.